Intuitive, Easy-to-Use Templates

Your clients complete a simple, straightforward questionnaire. You or your staff then input this data into Wrap360’s wizard-based software system, which generates custom, accurate SPDs and Plan Documents in minutes…complete and ready to send to your clients.


From the Compliance Experts at HR360

HR360 has built an industry-wide reputation for providing independent brokers and clients with the best quality HR library, newsletters and tools at an exceptional value. 

Wrap360 extends our offerings with high-quality, attorney-written wrap document templates that are easy and economical to produce. It’s the compliance solution our broker partners have been waiting for.

Training and Tech Support

Interactive weekly “Training Academy” sessions and on-demand videos get you up to speed with every aspect of using Wrap360. 

No prior technical experience or background is required. Our tech team is also on call 24/7 to troubleshoot; and our legal and compliance group is available to answer content-related questions during regular business hours.


Automatic Updates and Notifications

Wrap360 maintains your client data, so you can easily make changes and issue revised documents when necessary. When ERISA or IRS laws change, we’ll email you a notification and update our templates automatically.

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