WorkSafe360 provides a full range of easy-to-understand safety guidelines and tools to keep your clients and their employees safe and compliant, all developed and maintained by expert attorneys. From special industries such as restaurants and construction, to cybersecurity, planning for emergencies, and interactive tools, WorkSafe360 provides the most current government guidance and best practices in seconds.          

WorkSafe360 includes information on the following key areas:

  • How to comply with OSHA standards
  • Special industry safety, including restaurants, construction, health care, and trucking
  • Emergency Action Plans, and best practices for evacuations
  • Cybersecurity, including how to prevent damage from a cyber attack
  • Worker health, including how to prevent slips, trips, and falls
  • Interactive tools, including an Emergency Action Plan Generator and a Hazardous Materials Advisor

Customizable Safety Outreach Tools for P&C Agents
WorkSafe360’s special Admin System enables you to email an extensive range of safety tools, newsletters, and alerts to keep your clients safe and in compliance with OSHA regulations. In just seconds, you can brand safety checklists and guides for employers in special industries such as restaurants, construction, and health care.

Your WorkSafe360 Solution Includes:

  • 750 subscriptions to an attorney-developed library of safety guidelines and tools to keep your clients and their employees safe and compliant. Give all your prospects temporary access to our safety library for a competitive edge.
  • Quarterly attorney-written newsletter, ready to email and customize with your company name, logo, and contact information
  • News alerts customized with your logo and contact information
  • 40 safety checklists and guides in PDF format, ready to customize and send with your logo and contact information. Topics include slip, trip, and fall safety; cybersecurity; and industry-specific safety checklists for employers and employees.
  • Easy-to-use emailing system for sending all your safety tools

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