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Partnering with HR360 to Fulfill a Client Need 

Bynum Tuttle has built a career from his ability to identify an opportunity and meet a need.

After two decades as a carrier rep and benefits consultant, Tuttle’s larger clients were telling him that they needed a technology solution for aggregating and managing benefits. So he built one for them. Today, Triune Technologies is Tuttle’s sole business; the platform has more than 250,000 employee lives in its system.

Tuttle markets his software solutions through brokers and benefits consultants; he understands their business intimately because he was once bynum.jpgone of them, even serving as president of the National Association of Health Underwriters from 2001 to 2002.

With that background, Tuttle knew two things: today’s brokers need to be both technology- and HR-savvy, and HR360 was the perfect partner to close the information gap for his customers on the HR side.

Our whole goal is working through brokers and consultants to help them add arrows in the quiver of their value proposition to enhance the employer’s experience,” he says. “We had to make decisions on whether we wanted to create our own HR resource or utilize another one in the marketplace.”

Tuttle needed an HR solution to bundle in with his benefits management platform. He chose HR360 because “the quality and value were unsurpassed … We have not been disappointed since.”

Staying Current with Constant Compliance Change

With the benefits and compliance landscape changing at warp speed, HR360 helps Tuttle’s clients stay current with the news, information and tools they need to get the job done. He cites HR360’s multi-state compliance tool as a standout feature that helps his clients keep track of the laws and regulations wherever they do business.

“We have clients across multiple states, and we have a bunch of clients with multi-state employees,” he says. “We have the confidence in delivering a tool that will address those needs. HR360 lets them research that [compliance] information.”

Tuttle’s clients also regularly avail themselves of HR360’s library of forms and templates to do their jobs more efficiently.  In fact, he is such a fan that he urged the HR360 team to develop their latest product, WrapDoc360, a cost-effective SPD and plan document generation tool.

Of WrapDoc360, he says, “I work with brokers all the time and I had the confidence the market needed that resource.” He also believes that having the resources of HR360 can help brokers close sales. “Part of the value proposition for any broker is that they need to be talking to their clients about HR services and about technology.”

Building Lasting Relationships 

Along with its competitive pricing, Tuttle also values the long-lasting relationship he has built with the HR360 team.

“People make connections with people more than they make connections with products,” he says. “HR360 is sound, solid and has integrity to it.”

About Triune Technologies, Inc.

Triune Technologies, Inc. was established in 1998 as a developer of benefit management solutions. Unusual in a tech-driven industry, Triune’s management team is made up of benefits professionals – not software engineers. They understand the needs of benefits advisors and clients because they have been there.

With a commitment to quality benefit management tools, unsurpassed customer support and competitive pricing, it built the industry-leading Benefits Connector Web™ platform. Today, that platform is used by employers, Administrative Service Providers (ASPs), Third Party Administrators (TPAs), brokerage firms and association groups. With more than 250,000 lives on the system, no client is too complex for Triune’s systems to handle.

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