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Tom Ceconi, CTO & Founder

Tom Ceconi fell in love with computers back in middle school.

Tom Ceconi, CTO & Founder

He still recalls the thrill of watching the simple programs he wrote in BASIC light up a mainframe the size of a classroom. So it was no surprise when, after earning a degree in education, he went on to his graduate studies in information management at Pace University and devoted his career to technology and software development.

By then, desktop computing had revolutionized the industry, which further ignited Tom’s passion for making technology accessible in the workplace. In settings as diverse as the Town of Scarsdale to Cadbury Schweppes to the NY Diamond Dealer’s Club, Tom has designed, built and maintained IT solutions for businesses of all sizes.

As his software consulting firm grew, however, Tom and his partner began to devote increasing amounts of time to managing their own stable of employees. And while his firm specialized in delivering Internet-based benefits and employee communications for clients, they had no viable means for doing so for a company of their size. So they built it themselves…thus, HR360 was born.

Out of personal experience, Tom crafted an online solution for all things employee-related: hiring, firing, managing, administering benefits and complying with changing employment law. He hired a team of attorneys, human resource specialists and editors and shifted his professional focus to delivering the resources and intelligence small- to mid-size businesses need to manage employees successfully...all via the Web.

Tom is a teacher, a programmer and an entrepreneur. His unique skill set encompasses all of these varied abilities, and he taps them on behalf of his customers every day. He loves teaching his clients how to optimize HR360’s assets; building unique and creative solutions for their businesses; and seeing their productivity and profitability grow as a result. To him, there’s nothing more exciting…not even the memory of that giant mainframe.

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