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Lillian Shapiro, President & Founder

Lillian Shapiro knows that success depends not just on finding the right solutions, but on delivering them into the right hands.

Lillian Shapiro, President & Founder

It’s her passion. And, as a benefits technology expert, it’s exactly what she’s done for clients across the finance and insurance industries, including American Express, Aetna, Kaiser Permanente and Northwestern Mutual Life.

Lillian has built a career upon her ability to look forward and harness technology to fulfill her clients’ needs and exceed their expectations. Prior to launching HR360, she served as a partner and chief product development officer at a Connecticut-based IT firm that specialized in the group benefits industry. In that role, she and her team built an Internet-based solution to allow their Fortune 1000 client to communicate employee benefits entirely online. What was once a paper function became a dynamic, interactive web tool that revolutionized how that company managed their employee benefits and HR communications.

Convinced that small and mid-size firms deserved the same quality of information and ease of access, Lillian set herself to the task. As a lifelong entrepreneur, she was uniquely positioned to understand the needs and challenges business owners face…and she knew she could help. Her mission was to deliver detailed, actionable content that would streamline employee benefits and human resource function; keep businesses in compliance with the law; and enable owners to protect and grow their businesses. 

Her vision is realized in HR360, the single-source online HR website that delivers everything a business owner needs -- all at the click of a mouse. Under the direction of Lillian and her partner Tom Ceconi, the HR360 team of attorneys and technologists also created a roster of interactive HR tools for writing job descriptions, benchmarking salaries and implementing critical HR functions.

The HR360 site is accessible, affordable, user friendly and, most of all, dynamic…because Lillian never stops working for her subscribers. She tirelessly seeks out innovations that will make her customers' jobs and lives easier—for example, since the library's inception, she has pioneered added features such as a streaming newsfeed that updates on users' websites in real-time, HR news alerts and benefits newsletters that can be branded with users' company logos and contact information, a Wrap SPD Generator, a required Benefits Notices Generator, filtered state news to enable users to receive only the state-related guidance they care about, and much more. She is driven by the belief that every business owner should have access to the expert HR and benefit intelligence they need to succeed. And with HR360, they do.

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