HR Hotline 


Want to know a 'little secret' that our competitors won't tell you? Many of your clients will barely use the HR hotline service that you provide them.

Most other hotline services on the market require you to pay every month for each of your employer groups--when the truth is, most of them will barely ever use it. 

So why are you paying every month for each of your employer groups to have a hotline service if they barely use it? 

Our hotline service allows you to buy blocks of calls per month that are designed to serve from 25 to 100 or more employer groupsThe HR hotline service will sync perfectly with your Broker360 package, providing your clients with a toll-free phone number that they can call or a form they can fill out with their questions, all integrated within the HR library.

I am sure you are familiar with mobile phone carriers "family sharing plans" - our hotline service follows the same concept. Purchase a monthly block of hotline calls (15, 25, 50 or more) for all your employer groups (family) to share and any of your clients can call the hotline - when they need it!

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