I have only two employees. Aren’t I too small for the HR Compliance Library?

No! Many federal and state requirements apply to companies with as few as ONE employee. Most of the tools and apps inside the HR Compliance Library are broken down by company size, so you can view only what applies to your size organization.

I’m an HR professional running the department at my company. Why do I need the HR Compliance Library?

First, congratulations on choosing a great profession! We also love HR, which is why we’re so proud of this fantastic library dedicated to our favorite subject. But even an HR whiz needs a little assistance. As an HR manager, you’ll find the HR Compliance Library packed with everything you need to support your efforts. We put the world of HR and benefits management at your fingertips…so you can work faster and more efficiently.

Why can’t I just search for this info myself?

You can, if you want to spend all day searching online for answers and not knowing if they’re correct. But we’re pretty sure you have better things to do, like running your business. Think about this: a recent Google search for the term “employment law, Missouri” generated more than 3 million results. Do you have time to wade through them all? The fact is, nobody does…which is why we’ve taken away the guesswork, and saved you time, money and frustration.

How will the HR Compliance Library save me money?

Great question! There are SO many reasons we say the HR Compliance Library is a great investment…let’s talk about just a few. First, we can save you money by saving you time. If you don’t have to search the Internet for answers, forms and laws, you can spend more time running your business and growing your profits. The same goes for our tools and apps; our job description builder, for example, lets you build a fully developed job description in less than an hour. That’s the kind of task that might otherwise take you the better part of a day.

Additionally, the HR Compliance Library comes complete with dozens of downloadable forms and posters, and even a sample employee handbook, that are ready to print and use. Not having to purchase these documents represents a savings of thousands of dollars alone, not to mention what a compliance violation can cost you.

And speaking of compliance, we help protect you from violations across the entire spectrum of HR and benefits management—mistakes and missteps that can cost you money. Trust us…the legal fees to defend a wrongful discharge lawsuit brought by a former employee can cost many multiples the price of your annual HR360 Business Gold HR Compliance Library subscription.

This looks like too much information for me. I’m overwhelmed.

We understand…our library IS comprehensive. But you need not be overwhelmed. We’ve made it simple to find the information you need, and ONLY the information you need. You can customize your view of the HR Compliance Library so that you see just the laws and information that apply to your particular state. And many of our tools are broken down by company size, so you can easily see what applies to your business. Finally, although written by attorneys and HR experts, the library content addresses HR and benefits in easy-to-understand language that will minimize confusion.

How do I learn to use the HR Library? Who will help me if I have an issue?

We have dedicated online training sessions each week that take you through the library and show you how to use and customize the library. You get unlimited access to these sessions for an unlimited number of users in your organization. We also have a tech team on call to answer your questions and troubleshoot any difficulties.

Who writes and edits this library? How do I know I can trust the info I find?

The HR Compliance Library is written and edited by a team of attorneys and human resources professionals with more than 30 years collective experience in the industry. These individuals specialize exclusively in HR, benefits and employee relations, and personally write, review and edit every piece of content on the site for clarity and accuracy. Everything on the site is either original content or sourced directly from the appropriate state or federal government website. HR360 is a leader in the industry, and has been recognized for its commitment to excellence with dozens of awards and honors over the past 5 years.