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Don T. Burgher: Building Business, Serving Clients, Enriching Relationships with HR360

As President and Owner of Florida Insurance Brokers of Central Florida, Don Burgher is dedicated to delivering value to his clients, colleagues and community. He says, “People don’t want to know what you have to say until they know how much you care.”

And in today’s ever-changing benefits and compliance landscape, Don demonstrates that care every day with the answers and resources provided by HR360.Don_14.jpg

“I’m always bringing something of value, and HR360 helps me do that,” he says.

Burgher counts on HR360 to support his efforts through every phase of the sales, service and retention cycle:

  • The newsfeed and HR360 library portal are prominently featured on the Florida Insurance Brokers website.
  • Burgher opens doors by providing HR360 library subscriptions to his clients, prospects and networking partners.
  • He and his staff deliver real-time, authoritative answers to client questions with HR360, backed up with attorney-approved content that can be delivered straight to their in-boxes.
  • HR360 News Alerts provide a consistent means of contacting clients with breaking news and information they need.
  • HR360 allows Burgher to monitor client use of the library, to demonstrate its vast resources and to engage clients in conversation.

The HR360 Library also provides a major boost to his marketing efforts. “It goes into every sales jacket that we hand out. We put it in our brochure and use it to drive people to our website.” Burgher’s briefcase is also filled with HR360 white papers on compelling and timely topics that he uses as leave-behinds with customers.

Solving the Compliance Puzzle…And More

Prompted by the deluge of compliance issues that accompanied the Affordable Care Act, Burgher was seeking a single resource to help his clients navigate the changes and avoid penalties. He found all of that—and so much more—in HR360. His favorite features of the library include:

HR360 Training Videos: “I tell my clients, if you watch one video a week, at the end of the year, you would have had a full course in Human Resources,” he says.

HR360 Tools: Burgher frequently takes his clients through the proprietary tools to ensure they are in compliance and fully understand the requirements of the ACA.  He notes, “I don’t know what I would do without them…it brings to life all the resources and information we provide.”

HR360 Search: When a client calls Burgher with a question, he immediately turns to HR360's optimized search function. “I get an answer and I can generate a white paper and email it,” he says. “Employers want to know what you have to say, but want something in writing. HR360 makes it very easy. It’s a trusted resource…it’s timely and it’s attorney approved.”

WrapDoc360: Opening New Doors

Burgher and his team also use WrapDoc360 to generate SPDs and plan documents for clients. Along with growing loyalty and trust, WrapDoc360 has proved to be a gateway to new business.

“One of the things we’ve discovered is (preparing the Wrap documents) helps us to put everything in one basket,” he says. “We are able to see clients’ needs in more detail, bringing them under one umbrella. It allows us to do discovery and opens the door to find out if there is anything else we can be working with.”

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