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Partnering for Long-Term Success

Rich Fahn, President of Excell Benefit Group, LLC, first delivered HR360 to his clients in 2007 as a “value add” that would support them with their HR functionality. As an independent broker serving small- to mid-sized companies, Fahn says, “I recognized the need for small employers to have resources for HR items.”

Google is NOT an HR Department

Over time, however, HR360 has become so much more for Fahn and his clients: a comprehensive knowledge base platform that closes the information loop on both the HR and compliance fronts.fahn_2.jpg

“At many small businesses, their HR department uses Google to get all their information,” said Fahn. “HR360 is much more. It is a database with specific and accurate information, forms, and procedures that help [them] run [their] businesses more effectively and comply with laws.”

Today, with constantly changing legislation and ACA rules and regulations coming into play on almost a monthly basis, Fahn’s clients count on him to help them stay in compliance, and he relies on HR360 to help get that job done. “We need to provide our clients effective solutions and accurate information to help them meet those tricky compliance requirements.”

Adding a Level of Expertise to HR Management

Over the years, Fahn’s clients have also asked him for help with HR issues and concerns…items that sometimes fall outside his immediate scope of expertise. But, as he says, he is “a value-added business partner, not just the insurance guy.” In the past, he’d have to do research all over the Internet or reach out to HR professionals to find the information or form they needed. Today, he uses HR360 to bridge that gap, secure in the knowledge that everything he needs is “warehoused in one place.”

Some of his favorite HR360 offerings include:

  • Sample forms and employee handbooks
  • Guidelines for HR functions such as interviewing, termination and workers compensation
  • Salary benchmarking tools
  • Sample policies
  • State-by-state compliance and employment law
  • Instructional videos on timely HR and benefits management topics and issues, which he uses to educate clients and his own staff

Fahn helps his clients save time and money and get the answers they need…thanks to HR360. And when he’s presenting to a new prospect, HR360 is an essential element of the discussion.

“HR360 shows I provide more value to my prospects and clients. When you do a comparison of Broker A to Broker B, it’s a true differentiator.”

On HR360’s power as a selling tool: “It’s a tool that I like to always have in my back pocket.”

On HR360’s value to clients: “It’s a tremendous value and a differentiator. [HR360] helps them perform many duties and streamline their responsibilities as far as doing research. They are not on their own.”

About Excell Benefit Group
Richard L. Fahn is Founder and CEO of Excell Benefit Group, a fully independent insurance brokerage firm located in Chicagoland focusing on Employee Benefits, Health, Life and Disability. Rich is a recognized thought leader of the insurance industry, and brings more than 20 years of proven experience and results for his clients. Working with businesses of all sizes, Rich is recognized as an expert in health care reform where he has been recently featured on national TV broadcasts including Fox News Channel and CBS Nightly News as well as quoted in numerous local and national print/online publications, including: Chicago Sun-Times, Chicago Tribune, Pioneer Press Newspapers, Northbrook Star, Houston Chronicle, Miami Herald, Associated Press, Employee Benefit News, and Insurance Journal. He has also been featured as a leading presenter at insurance seminars with the Illinois CPA Society and the Northbrook CPE Group, among others.

Mr. Fahn started his career at Prudential Healthcare and HealthNet in Southern California, which eventually led him to Aetna in Chicago. Rich earned his Chartered Benefit Consultant (CBC) status, validation of his expertise in the field of consumer-driven health plans. In addition to being a proud member of the National Association of Health Underwriters (NAHU), Richard is the recipient of NAHU’s Leading Producers Round Table Award and qualified for the Association's President's Council Award.

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