Case Studies


“I get people responding to these communications all the time…it’s keeping us in front of our customers so frequently they don’t think we’re forgetting about them.”

Debra Kamikow, Account Executive

If I want to stay in business I need a quality HR toolbox and HR vendor...and if I have a question I need to have somebody I can call. HR360 is a bargain for the money. 

Tim Owen, President 


“ The WrapDoc360 product tells a client that we’re looking out for them. Here’s a need they didn’t even know they had and we’re going to close that gap…and manage the risk together.”

Greg Bach, President 

HR360 continually updates their information base to keep their clients on the cutting edge of information they need to keep their programs compliant with federal and state issues. 

Bynum Tuttle, President

HR360 has readable information...written for anybody to understand and comprehend. It's an easy-to-use website, and that makes a huge difference.

Jo Ann Charron, President

It's a tremendous value and a differentiator. [HR360] helps my clients perform many duties and streamline responsibilities as far as doing research. They are not on their own. 

Rich Fahn, CEO and President 

It [HR360] goes into every sales jacket that we hand out. We put it in our brochure and use it to drive people to our website.

Don T. Burgher, President and Owner