I have a few questions about Broker360...


How much time will it take me to send newsletters or email alerts?

The short answer is…minutes. Really. The interface is intuitive and easy to use. We’ve worked with thousands of top brokers over the past decade, and have designed our software with your needs in mind. Our tech team can get you up and running in an hour, and is on call to answer questions and troubleshoot any issue. Ask your sales representative or call our offices and we’ll demonstrate how easy it is to customize and send any of our newsletters, alerts or PDF reports.

How often will I get communications to forward?

Newsletters arrive in your email inbox the first business day of every month. HR and HCR news alerts are generated at your discretion from our newsfeeds, which refresh every week. You can send as many or as few as you like…it’s up to you. The same applies to our PDF checklists and guides; use them to meet your clients’ individual needs.

Will I have to train my clients to use the HR360 library?

No -- we do it for you! Our program includes emails and weekly online training/orientation sessions for your clients. That being said, many of our broker clients have shared that the best way to involve clients in using the HR360 library is to access the site together to answer a question or find more information on a specific topic. For example, one of our brokers recently shared the experience of using the “pay or play” calculator together online with a client; another showed her client how to use the salary benchmarking tool when he was looking to fill a vacant position. In fact, many of our brokers report that, prior to purchasing the HR360 library, their clients called on a regular basis with questions that they can now answer on their own.

I don’t have time to sort through hundreds of reports. How do I choose which to send?

HR360’s attorneys and HR professionals have curated a select group of checklists and guides dedicated to only the most relevant and essential topics in the industry. You will not be overwhelmed and will be easily able to see which relate best to your individual clients.

How do I know the information in the library is accurate?

All information in the HR360 library is written and/or edited by attorneys with specialized experience in HR, benefits and labor relations. Your clients can be assured that all information, forms and data are current. HR360 creates original content, sourcing only from federal and state government websites.

I have clients who do business in multiple states. How will this work for them?

The information inside the HR360 library is current for employers in all 50 states. Any user can customize their library view to include federal regulations as well as those for the state or states in which they do business. They can also do state-by-state comparisons.

My clients don’t understand HR and benefits jargon. Will this help?

Yes! The mission of the HR360 team is to make HR and benefits administration accessible to anyone responsible for these functions, no matter the size of the company. Our reporting, guidance, tools and instructions are delivered in easy-to-understand language that demystifies the HR and benefits disciplines and shows users what they need to do and how to do it.

Why can’t clients just search for this information themselves?

The Internet is a wonderful thing…but a random search is not to be trusted for accurate information. A recent Google search on the term “employment law, Missouri” generated more than 3 million results. HR360 takes the guesswork out of such searching, and saves users time, money and frustration.

I’m busy trying to grow my book of business. Why do I need to take time to use HR360?

As longtime partners with the insurance brokerage industry, we understand the challenges you face. We also know that differentiating yourself from the competition is essential in today’s crowded marketplace. You need to position yourself as full-service, no matter your size. Also, remember that the library can be used as a prospecting and retention tool…you can offer clients a trial subscription to use while they are evaluating your contract or considering renewal. You can even track to see how often they access the library during that time period.