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Guiding Clients Through ACA, Protecting Their Interests 

For Jo Ann Charron, Agent and Principal at BenefitsDallas Inc, it’s all about attracting new clients, delivering great service, and renewing that business year after year.

And HR360 is essential to that effort.

For the past several years, Jo Ann Charron has used HR360 to guide BenefitsDallas clients through the ever-changing labyrinth of Health Care Reform. As an active member of the National Association of Health Underwriters, and even with Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) Certification under her belt, Jo Ann Charron knew that she and her clients needed a trustworthy resource for staying in compliance.

“I needed something that would keep me informed of when a new regulation occurred so that I could communicate that to my clients to ensure they would stay on top of it as well.”

And that’s exactly what HR360 does, by providing Jo Ann Charron the tools and information she needs to protect her clients; when changes happen, she is able to analyze her clients’ situations, assess their needs, and address any gaps.

“Our clients need to have somebody who is knowledgeable as to what the new healthcare laws are about,” she adds, “Or they could get in real trouble.”

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With three agents on staff, Jo Ann Charron and her team work hard to stay connected to clients. She drives traffic to her site by embedding the HR360 newsfeed in her home page, and has customized client access to the HR360 library with the Benefits Dallas logo and colors.

“In marketing myself…I need to be feeding information to them to where [clients] say 'she knows more than the next person down the road.'

Some of her favorite features of HR360 include:

  • Email Newsletters—Jo Ann Charron loves the “touch” of the newsletters, saying that these updates prompt her clients to call her on topics of interest; she then can redirect them back into the HR360 library for more detailed information.
  • Sample forms and handbooks.
  • Instructional videos, because “not everybody learns by reading.”
  • Interactive tools and features.

Jo Ann Charron recently showed her clients how to prepare a total compensation statement for their employees using the Total Compensation Statement Builder—a win-win that showed her clients how deeply committed she is to supporting them. “Most employees don’t realize all the hidden benefits they are getting,” she said. “When you give them that total compensation, they see it…the clients thought it was great.”

Competitive, Affordable, Accessible

Being able to deliver HR360 free to her clients helps Jo Ann Charron stay competitive with big online brokers…she can offer a suite of resources just like they do. Yet HR360 is affordable for brokers of all sizes.

“We don’t want to pay thousands a year and then a monthly fee on top of that…HR360 gives me what I need and lots of different tools,” she says.

Perhaps most importantly, HR360 is accessible to her clients.

“I looked for something that wasn’t over the head of most people. If you went to a lawyer and you asked for a simple document, you’d get it back and your head would swim.” Jo Ann Charron emphasizes, "It’s got to be practical…and the language must be an easy read and easy to understand.”

“HR360 has readable information for the average person…written for anybody to understand and comprehend. It’s an easy to use website, and that makes a huge difference.”

About Benefits Dallas
Headquartered in Dallas, TX, Benefits Dallas is a full service independent Insurance agency. With more than 40 years of combined experience, it has built a reputation of providing the best value to clients through a direct approach and highly personalized service. Visit their website at for more information.

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