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HR360...A Partner in Success 

Greg Bach doesn’t shy away from a challenge. That’s why he’s busy training to tackle Cycle Oregon, a 478-mile, week-long bike ride that will take him to elevations of more than 24,000 feet.

It’s that same spirit that led Bach to set up Bach Benefits Group back in 1999. After working for nearly two decades at major carriers, which Headshot_GB.jpgwere regularly acquired by other firms, Bach boldly struck out on his own, hanging a shingle and living out of his savings while he painstakingly built his business. Today his firm is widely recognized as a specialist in self-funded benefit plans, with clients ranging in size from a handful up to 500 employees. Last year, his revenue was up 12.4 percent, growth he credits to “referrals, opportunities and doing good work.”

And HR360 is a partner in that success. “We like to play bigger than we are,” he says. “Things like HR360 and the WrapDoc360 product help us do that.”

An Easy Decision 

Back in 2011, Bach made what he calls the easy decision to switch to HR360. At the time, he was sending a printed newsletter to clients from a third-party vendor. Addressing and mailing hard copies was time and labor intensive…and costly.

“The decision to purchase HR360 was easy…we picked up HR360 for an annual spend that wasn’t a whole lot more than what we were spending on newsletters and we bring the client a whole lot more.”

Along with custom monthly newsletters that keep Bach in front of clients, that “whole lot more” includes all the information, tools and attorney-reviewed content inside the HR360 Library. Among Bach’s favorites:

  • Sample forms and employee handbooks
  • Tools such as the interview question builder, salary benchmarking tool; and the job description builder
  • Benefits and HR compliance checklists and guides 
  • The HR Alerts and ACA Newsfeeds

Bach and his staff frequently find themselves referring to HR360 to conduct internal research to answer client questions. “We use it a lot for third-party proof sources,” he says. “That’s a subtle reminder that it’s available through our website as a value-add by us…and it’s a credible source because it’s all attorney-reviewed.”

Being able to assist his clients with HR360 shows that Bach is committed to his clients. “I want to get to their side of the desk, and help them meet their biggest challenges.”

And, in perhaps the highest praise of all from a man who builds his business on referrals, Bach has recommended HR360 to several colleagues around the country.

WrapDoc360--Building Relationships Beyond the Sale 

When HR360 launched WrapDoc360, a cost-effective solution for creating ERISA-compliant SPDs and Plan Documents, Bach was an early adopter.

“It was an opportunity to offer additional value,” he says. "I’m a believer that a strong offense is a good thing; I don’t want to play defense. It’s good to be proactive and bring something to our clients.”

Even better, he says, WrapDoc360 was an “opportunity to reach out on something positive that’s not renewal related.”

To date, he and his staff have supplied plan documentation to more than 2/3 of his clients with WrapDoc360, with plans to complete the entire list shortly. Bach contacts clients and explains why they need to have current and legally accurate SPDs and plan documentation, then follows up in days with the complete set.

WrapDoc360 allows him to start a conversation and help clients meet a need that many didn’t even know they had.

“I got a thank you on just about every call,” he says. 

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