High-Quality Lead Generation for Brokers 

5500Leads is a lead prospecting app that empowers you to quickly and easily find companies that have the potential to be your perfect clients. We take the 'cold' out of cold calling by providing you with the market intelligence you need—our database has over 3.2 million Form 5500 filings and is updated monthly.

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Find the best prospecting leads for your business

The 5500Leads system was built for easy use. With a few clicks you are able to get straight to the businesses that truly need your products and services.

Identify small group leads

Identify smaller company leads, under 100 employees, by searching for companies that have filed a ‘Retirement’ form. If the company offers their employees a retirement plan, the chances are very good that they are also offering group benefits.

Over 30 variables to filter your search

Over 30 variables to choose from when filtering data such as: number of employees, renewal month, radius search, type of form filed (welfare or retirement), carriers, type of plan (health, dental, etc.) and much more.

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