Where do we get our data for 5500Leads?
The Biggest Secret in the Lead Gen Industry

If you’ve been shopping for insurance and 401k leads, it’s time to pay attention. We’re about to share an industry secret: all Form 5500 data is the same. That’s right … the same. Every company that is selling this information gets their data from the EXACT SAME SOURCE: Department of Labor (DOL) Form 5500 filings. Any company who tells you otherwise is misleading you.                           

It’s what you do with the data AFTER that makes all the difference.5500_hero-screen-v3a-1.png

So what makes 5500Leads data different than the Competition? 

We stand out from our competitors by doing four simple things better:

1. Data Cleansing
2. Data Hygiene
3. Data Standardization and
4. Data Augmentation

What Does That Mean For You?
Our 5500Leads search engine delivers cleaner, more accurate search results. With the best search results from a clean data set you’ll get the relevant, timely leads to grow your book of business. And when we say “timely,” we mean it; we refresh and update our data every single month.

The Data from the DOL is a Mess

Raw data from the DOL is a mess. Why? Because there are many different systems that companies use to submit their annual Form 5500 filings. On average over 600,000 NEW Form 5500 filings are filed each year. Each of those filings are submitted by thousands of different consultants, accountants and software systems. And EACH ONE of those filers handles data a little bit differently.

What’s the result?  Non-standard data with abbreviation, punctuation and spelling errors galore.

Let’s take a look at Priceline, the well-known firm that helps folks find discount travel. In their most recent DOL filings, they spelled their company name two different ways (even while using the same FEIN):

2. COM, INC.

And that’s Priceline -- an industry leader who can afford to pay to get these filings done properly.

That’s why you need to get the best product on the market, a product that does the hard work for you … and cleans, standardizes and augments your data into the information you need. Our clients tell us time and again that their vendors are doing a not so good job cleaning their data … stop wasting time, money and valuable sales opportunities.

Bottom line, you need a data partner you can trust. That’s why we’ve developed a proprietary 10-step process for cleaning, standardizing and augmenting the DOL’s Form 5500 filings.