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HR360’s News Stream puts you on the front line of a health care reform system that is constantly changing. Turn your website into a hub for the latest news updates. 

You have always been the go-to resource for your clients employee benefits questions and concerns. Now, build your top clients and prospects trust and be the source they can count on for:

  • Health Care Reform updates
  • Important HR news alerts (specific to your state!)
  • The latest guidelines, requirements and notices
  • Employer Compliance Deadlines

$499 a year; contact for more information.

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Save Time.
Rid yourself of the burden of developing new content yourself. HR360’s News Stream is written and developed by our team of attorneys. The news is constantly being monitored and reported for you in clear and to-the-point language.

Customize to match your company branding

Customize every aspect of the news stream – including header, article title, body and teaser. Every font style, size and color is chosen by you!


Style Options

Chose a unique look for your news stream with our 3 different style options - Accordian, Tabbed and the new Carousel Style.

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